Electromagnetic Induction Mcqs

Our collections of Multiple choice questions and answers focuses on study of Electromagnetic Induction in Physics. These questions are chosen from a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Physics. Our aim is to prepare an individual for competitive exams like NTS, GAT, ECAT, MDCAT, Teaching jobs Tests and Chemical industry job interviews. One should practice our Mcqs to assimilate knowledge on Electromagnetic Induction in Physics comprehensively.

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A coil of wire is arranged with its plan perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field o flux density B. when the radius of the coil increases from r1 to r2 in time ?t then what is the emf induced in the coil?





A dynamo converts

Mechanical energy into electrical energy

Electrical energy into mechanical energy

Magnetic energy into mechanical energy

Magnetic energy into electrical energy

A metal rod of 25 cm length is moving at a speed of 0.5/sec in direction perpendicular to 0.25T magnetic field. Emf produced in the rod is

0 volt

3.125 volt

31.25 volt

0.03125 volt

A small coil lies inside a large coil. The two coils are horizontal concentric and carry currents in opposite directions. The large coil will experience

A torque about horizontal axis

A torque about vertical axis

An upward force along the axis

No resultant force

A.C and D.C have the same

Effect in charging a capacitor

Effect in charging a battery

Effect while passing through an inductance

Heating effect through a resistance

A.C can not be used for

Producing heat

Producing light

Magnetizing iron

Producing magnetic field

A.C cannot be used for

Producing heat

Producing light

Magnetizing and electroplating

All the above

An aeroplane of wingspan 10m flies from the equator towards the North Pole. The wings are perpendicular to the vertical component of the earths magnetic field (B = 4×10-5T). At maximum speed an emf of 96mV is induced across the wing tips. The maximum speed of the aeroplane is





An alternating current or voltage

Fluctuates off and on

Varies in magnitude alone

Changes its direction again and again

Changes its magnitude continuously and reverses its direction of flow after regularly recurring intervals.

An electric current induced within the body of a conductor when that conductor either moves through a non uniform magnetic field or in a region where there is a change in magnetic flux is called

Induced current

Eddy current

Back emf

None of the above

cmf generated by A.C dynamo depends upon

Number of turns in the coil

Magnetic field strength

Frequency of rotation

All of above

Current produced by moving the loop of wire across a magnetic field is called

A.C current

D.C current

Induced current

Mean square current

emf induced in a circuit according to Faradays law depends on the

Maximum magnetic flux

Rate of change of magnetic flux

Change in magnetic flux

Initial magnetic flux

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