Digital Logic Circuits Mcqs

Our Collection of Digital Logic Circuits questions and answers focuses on all areas of Digital Logic Circuits covering a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Computer Digital Logic Circuits. One should spend 1 hour daily for 2-3 months to learn and assimilate Computer Digital Logic Circuits comprehensively.

Which of the following statements is wrong ?

Propagation delay is the time required for a gate to change its state

Noise immunity is the amount of noise which can be applied to the input of a gate without causing the gate to change state

Fan-in of a gate is always equal to fan-out of the same gate

Operating speed is the maximum frequency at which digital data can be applied to a gate

A one-to-four line demultiplexer is to be implemented using a memory. How many bits must each word have ?

1 bit

2 bits

4 bits

8 bits

Which of the following gates is known as coincidence detector ?

AND gate

OR gate

NOT gate

NAND gate

Which table shows the logical state of a digital circuit output for every possible combination of logical states in the inputs ?

Function table

Truth table

Routing table

ASCII table

A demultiplexer is used to

Route the data from single input to one of many outputs

Perform serial to parallel conversion

Both a & b

Select data from several inputs and route it to single output

An OR gate can be imagined as

Switches connected in series

Switches connected in parallel

MOS transistors connected in series

None of these

Which combination of gates does not allow the implementation of an arbitrary Boolean function?

OR gates and AND gates only

OR gates and exclusive OR gate only

OR gates and NOT gates only

NAND gates only

Parallel adders are

Combinational logic circuits

Sequential logic circuits

Both a and b

None of these

The most efficient method followed by computers to multiply two unsigned numbers is _______ .

Booth algorithm

Bit pair recording of multipliers

Restoring algorithm

Non restoring algorithm

For the addition of large integers most of the systems make use of ______ .

Fast adders

Full adders

Carry look-ahead adders

None of the above

In a normal n-bit adder , to find out if an overflow as occurred we make use of _____ .

And gate

Nand gate

Nor gate

Xor gate

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