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A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program into a form suitable for execution  ?


Linking loader

Cross compiler

Load and Go

Loading process can be divided into two separate programs, to solve some problems. The first is binder the other is ?

Linkage editor

Module Loader


None of these

A linker program

Places the program in the memory for the purpose of execution.

Relocates the program to execute from the specific memory area allocated to it.

Links the program with other programs needed for its execution.

Interfaces the program with the entities generating its input data.

Consider a program with a linked origin of 5000. Let the memory area allocated to it have the start address of 70000. Which among the following will be the value to be loaded in relocation register? 




None of the above

Relocatable programs

Cannot be used with fixed partitions

Can be loaded almost anywhere in memory

Do not need a linker

Can be loaded only at one specific location

Memory allocation involves which of the following task(s)

Determine amount of memory required

Use an appropriate memory allocation model

Determine appropriate memory mapping

All of the above

Dynamic memory allocation is typically performed during _______________.

Loading of the program

Compilation of the program

Execution of the program

None of the above

Linking is process of binding

Internal part of a program

External functional call

External reference to the correct link time address

None of the above

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