Important Days Mcqs With Answers

This set of Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “ Important Days ”. These MCQS are chosen from a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Pakistan Studies and recent past Exams and Papers . These Important Days MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams.

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Pakistan Air Force Day is celebrated on ________ .

21st February

8th March

21st March

7th September

On which date is Death Anniversary of Quaid e Azam observed?

9th November

11th September

21st March

11th October

World Anti Norcotics Day is officially celebrated on _________.

1st April

6th April

7th April

26th June

Which day is observed as Sun Day & World Press Freedom Day ________.

3rd May

4th May

31st May

None of them

The Total area of Pakistan is __________

802,840 sq km

803,840 sq km

79,6096 sq km

801,940 sq km

The Ceasefire Line was named as Line of Control according to the _______ agreement.

Delhi Agreement

Tashkent Agreement

Simla Agreement

Lahore Agreement

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