Consider the two statements. (A) Protection is an internal problem.(B) Security is considered as an external environment within which the system works. Which of the statement is not true?

Only A

Only B

Both A and B

None of the above

Which of the following is true ?

Block cipher technique is an encryption technique.

Steam cipher technique is an encryption technique.

Both a and b.

Neither of a and b.

Program generation activity aims at

Automatic generation of program

Organize execution of a program written in PL

Skips generation of program

Speedens generation of program

The main reason to encrypt a file is to ______________.

Reduce its size

Secure it for transmission

Prepare it for backup

Include it in the start-up sequence

A public key encryption system

Allows only the correct receiver to decode the data

Allows only one to decode the transmission

Allows only the correct sender to decode the data

Does not encode the data before transmitting it

A sender S sends a message m to receiver R, which is digitally signed by S with its private key. In this scenario, one or more of the following security violations can take place. (I) S can launch a birthday attack to replace m with a fraudulent message. (II) A third party attacker can launch a birthday attack to replace m with a fraudulent message. (III) R can launch a birthday attack to replace m with a fraudulent message.

(I) and (II) only

(I) only

(II) only

(II) and (III) only

In a RSA cryptosystem a particular A uses two prime numbers p = 13 and q =17 to generate her public and private keys. If the public key of Ais 35. Then the private key of A is ____________.





Which of the following are forms of malicious attack ?

Theft of information

Modification of data

Wiping of information

All of the mentioned

What are common security threats ?

File Shredding

File sharing and permission

File corrupting

File integrity

Which of the following is a good practice ?

Give full permission for remote transferring

Grant read only permission

Grant limited permission to specified account

Give both read and write permission but not execute

What is not a good practice for user administration ?

Isolating a system after a compromise

Perform random auditing procedures

Granting privileges on a per host basis

Using telnet and FTP for remote access

Which of the following is least secure method of authentication ?

Key card


Retina pattern


Why is one time password safe ?

It is easy to generated

It cannot be shared

It is different for every access

It is a complex enctypted password

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