Variable names beginning with underscore is not encouraged. Why?

It is not standardized

To avoid conflicts since assemblers and loaders use such names

To avoid conflicts since library routines use such names

To avoid conflicts with environment variables of an operating system

Variable name resolving (number of significant characters for uniqueness of variable) depends on

Compiler and linker implementations

Assemblers and loaders implementations

C language

None of the mentioned

Which of the following is true for variable names in C?

They can contain alphanumeric characters as well as special characters

It is not an error to declare a variable to be one of the keywords(like goto, static)

Variable names cannot start with a digit

Variable can be of any length

What will happen if the below program is executed?

It will cause a compile-time error

It will cause a run-time error

It will run without any error and prints 3

It will experience infinite looping

What is the problem in following variable declaration?

float 3Bedroom-Hall-Kitchen?;

The variable name begins with an integer

The special character ‘-‘

The special character ‘?’

All of the above

Comment on the output of this C code?

The program will print 12

The program will print 14

The program will have a runtime error

The program will cause a compile-time error due to redeclaration

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