Semiconductor Theory Mcqs

This set of Electrical engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on study of “Semiconductor Theory ”. These questions are chosen from a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Electrical engineering. Our aim is to prepare an individual for competitive exams like NTS, GAT, ECAT, University and College entrance exams, Jobs and interviews. One should practice our MCQS to assimilate Semiconductor Theory comprehensively.

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At absolute temperature, an intrinsic semiconductor has________________?

A few free electrons

Many holes

Many free electrons

No holes or free electrons

A reverse bias pn junction has_____________?

Very narrow depletion layer

Almost no current

Very low resistance

Large current flow

The random motion of holes and free electrons due to thermal agitation is called______________?




None of the above

A hole and electron in close proximity would tend to________________?

Repel each other

Attract each other

Have no effect on each other

None of the above

The battery connections required to forward bias a pn junction are_________________?

+ve terminal to p and –ve terminal to n

-ve terminal to p and +ve terminal to n

-ve terminal to p and –ve terminal to n

None of the above

In the depletion region of a pn junction, there is a shortage of_________________?

Acceptor ions

Holes and electrons

Donor ions

None of the above

A pn junction acts as a__________________?

Controlled switch

Bidirectional switch

Unidirectional switch

None of the above

In an intrinsic semiconductor, the number of free electrons_____________?

Equals the number of holes

Is greater than the number of holes

Is less than the number of holes

None of the above

When the temperature of an extrinsic semiconductor is increased, the pronounced effect is on_________________?

Junction capacitance

Minority carriers

Majority carriers

None of the above

The leakage current across a pn junction is due to________________?

Minority carriers

Majority carriers

Junction capacitance

None of the above

With forward bias to a pn junction , the width of depletion layer__________________?



Remains the same

None of the above

At room temperature, an intrinsic semiconductor has_______________?

Many holes only

A few free electrons and holes

Many free electrons only

No holes or free electrons

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