Measurement and Instrumentation Mcqs

This set of Electrical engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on study of “ Measurement and Instrumentation ”. These questions are chosen from a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Electrical engineering. Our aim is to prepare an individual for competitive exams like NTS, GAT, ECAT, University and College entrance exams, Jobs and interviews. One should practice our MCQS to assimilate Measurement and Instrumentation comprehensively.

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The ratio of maximum displacement deviation to full scale deviation of the instrument is called_______________?

Static sensitivity

Dynamic deviation


Precision or accuracy

A multirangq instrument has________________?

Multiple shunt or series resistances inside the meter

Multicoii arrangement

Variable turns of coil

Multi range meters inside the measurement system

The principle on which vector voltmeter is based is_____________?

That it works on the principle of complex variation

That it measures the response of linear ramp voltage

Same as digital meter

That it measures the amplitude of a single at two points and at the same time measures their phase difference

In an energy meter braking torque is produced to________________?

Safe guard it against creep

Brake the instrument

Bring energy meter to stand still

Maintain steady speed and equal to driving torque

The power of a n-phase circuit can be measured by using a minimum of_______________?

(n – 1) wattmeter elements

N wattmeter elements

(n + 1) wattmeter elements

2n wattmeter elements

Which of the following is measured by using a vector voltmeter ?

Amplifier gain and phase shift

Filler transfer functions

Complex insersion loss

All of the above

Various adjustments in an energy meter include_______________?

Light load or friction

Lag and creep

Overload and voltage compensation

Temperature compensation

All of the above

An instrument transformer is used to extend the range of______________?

Induction instrument

Electrostatic instrument

Moving coil instrument

Any of the above

The rectifier instrument is not free from_______________?

Temperature error

Wave shape error

Frequency error

All of the above

Most sensitive galvanometer is_____________?

Elastic galvanometer

Vibration galvanometer

Duddlb galvanometer

Spot ballistic galvanometer

Systematic errors are_________________?

Instrumental errors

Environmental errors

Observational errors

All of the above

E.m.f. of a Weston cell is accurately measured by________________?

Electrostatic voltmeter

Hot wire voltmeter

Isothermal voltmeter

Electrodynamic voltmeter

Operating torques in analogue instruments are_______________?

Deflecting and control

Deflecting and damping

Deflecting, control and damping

Vibration and balancing

The gravity controlled instrument has crowded scale because current is proportional to________________?

Balancing weight

Deflection angle

Sine of deflection angle

If an instrument has cramped scale for larger values, then it follows________________?

Square law

Logarithmic law

Uniform law

None of the above

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