Process Equipment and Plant Design Mcqs

Our collections of Multiple choice questions and answers focuses on study of Process Equipment and Plant Design in Chemical Engineering. These questions are chosen from a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Chemical Engineering. Our aim is to prepare an individual for competitive exams like NTS, GAT, ECAT, MDCAT, Teaching jobs Tests and Chemical industry job interviews. One should practice our Mcqs to assimilate knowledge on Process Equipment and Plant Design comprehensively.

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The minimum baffle height should be ______________?

Equal to the impeller diameter

Twice the impeller diameter

Twice the tank diameter

3/4 of the tank height

In actual operation of distillation column, the vapour is not distributed uniformly among the bubble caps, primarily because of the_______________?

Liquid gradient on the tray

Lower skirt clearance

Lower static submergence

Small downcomer liquid seal

Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to shell and tube heat exchanger_______________?

Clearance between shell & baffles and between tube & baffles should be minimum to avoid

Passing of the fluid, but it should be enough to permit the removal of tube bundle

Baffles are supported independently of the tubes by tie rods and positioned by spacers

Tie rods are fixed at one end in the tube sheet by making blind holes and the minimum

In case of plain carbon steel, butt welded joints are used for shell plate thickness ≤ _____________ cms?





Practical dividing line between a ductile and brittle materials is suggested, when the ultimate elongation is about 5%. Generally, larger the knuckle radius, stronger is the corner torus section of a head. The knuckle radius provided should be less than ______________ of the head?

6% of I.D.

3 times the thickness

Either A. or B., whichever is larger

Either A. or B., whichever is smaller

The LMTD correction factor (FT) is defined as the __________________?

Ratio of true temperature difference to the LMTD

Ratio of LMTD to the true temperature difference

Differenced of true temperature difference and the LMTD

Geometric mean of the true temperature difference and the LMTD

Which of the following is the best tube material from thermal conductivity point of view alone ?


Stainless steel


Carbon steel

Power required for agitation depends upon the______________________?

Height & properties of the liquid

Agitator type & speed of agitation

Size of agitator & the tank

All A., B. and C.

Stage efficiency for packed tower varies with the____________________?

Type & size of packing

Fluid rates and fluid properties

Operating pressure and column diameter

All A., B. and C.

Tube wall thickness depends on the corrosiveness of the fluids and their operating pressure & temperature and is specified by Birmingham wire gauge (B.W.G)-a number which varies from 8 to 18 with the numbers 14 and 16 being more commonly used. Outside diameter of tubes varies from about 15 to 50 mm; however a tube of less than _____________ mm outside diameter is generally not recommended for fouling fluids ?





In hydrostatic testing of welded pipe (for leakage, strength etc.) the ratio of minimum hydrostatic test pressure to internal design pressure is around __________________?





In a shell and tube heat exchanger, the shortest centre to centre distance between the adjacent tubes is__________________?

Called tube pitch

Called tube clearance

Always less than the diameter of the tube

None of these

If ‘D’ is the inside diameter of the shell of a shell and tube heat exchanger, then the baffle spacing is usually in the range of__________________?

D/2 or minimum 2″ to 5D

D/5 or minimum 2″ to 5D

D/5 or minimum 2″ to D

None of these

For turbulent flow (NRe > 2100) of low viscosity fluid (μ > 20cp) in steel pipes, the optimum inside pipe diameter is given by(where, Q = fluid flow rate, ft3/sec, ρ = fluid density, lb/ft3 μ = fluid viscosity, centipoise Di = optimum inside pipe diameter, inches) ?

Di, opt = 3.9 Q0.45 ρ0.13

Di, opt = 3.9 Q0.45. μ0.95

Di, opt = 4.7 Q0.36. μ3.2ρ0.13

Di, opt = 3 Q0.36. μ0.88

Scale up problem in design based on the similarity concept takes into account _______________ similarity?




All A., B. and C.

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